The Benefits of Art for Adults

We all know that creativity is amazing when it comes to developing fine motor skills in children, but just because we grow up doesn't mean we should stop developing these important creative abilities. With the introduction and fast growing trend of adult coloring books, we are reminded that we're never too old to get a little creative with pencil and paper.

Feeling stressed or over-worked? Taking a minute out of your day to do something productive with your hands that also takes you away from the keyboard and computer screen can help reduce stress and make you more productive. According to CNN, creative activities can impact the body in a similar way to meditation and yoga.

Decreasing stress levels improves health and wellness in adults, and increases overall age of life expectancy. Creativity is not only a great tool to keep the mind young, but it also encourages social interaction, teamwork and personal growth.

We all have days when we don't feel like ourselves emotionally, or are experiencing things in life that make us feel sad. Creativity can also help to improve your overall mood and your ability to combat negativity in day-to-day activities.

Now it is easier than ever to be creative with the advancements in technology that allow you to create art with smart devices that you can take with you wherever and whenever you want.

How to Keep Kids Creative Outside of the Classroom

School's out for the weekend! With the completion of another full week of school, soccer practice and play dates, the weekends are when parents try to introduce fun and exciting activities that also keep young ones learning outside of the classroom.

Creative play is not only important in developing a child's fine motor skills, but it is also valuable by:

  • Promoting problem solving
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Enhancing kids' vocabulary and verbal skills
  • Developing important social skills

Here are some fun ways to ensure your young ones use their creativity all weekend long.

  1. Stock up on inexpensive art supplies: crayons, paper, markers, and devote a corner of your house to art.

    The art corner allows kids to use their downtime without staring at a computer or TV screen, while keeping their hands busy drawing and creating masterpieces they can be proud of!

  2. Make their time spent on screen useful.

    There are numerous educational and activity apps that can be downloaded free of charge to keep kids engaged. And they can be taken anywhere your mobile device goes! For those long family road trips or rainy days spent inside, educational and creative apps can be just the tool a parent needs to know kids are getting the best out of their time on screen.

  3. Boost confidence.

    Last, but certainly not least, collect and frame kids' art creations to be hung around the house or given as gifts. Not only is this a great way to showcase your little artists' abilities but it will also boost their confidence in knowing they made something worthy of a spot on your wall!

Take away some of the stress of the weekends and remember the importance of creativity and letting your young ones use their imagination.

Happy Haunting: 3 Easy Halloween Crafts with Just Paper!

It's the season of spooky creatures and bags full of candy. Whether you are dressing up as a fairy princess or a blood sucking vampire, everyone loves to get a little spooky! But let's not forget to decorate the house in Halloween decorations.

Here are 3 fun craft ideas for a fun and frightening Halloween.

Paper Pumpkins

Taking an idea from the Valentine's Day craft book but with a pumpkin twist! Use a piece of orange construction paper, fold it in half. After folding it in half, draw the outline of a pumpkin on one half. With the help of mom and dad, cut out the pumpkin. Now, personalize your own pumpkin paper shape with pencils and markers to display around the house!

Check out this video from Parenting Magazine for an example of how to make your own paper-chain!

Spooky Spider Webs

Keep your creepy crawlers right where you want them with this paper spider web craft! This craft comes straight from the kitchen. Taking a coffee filter from your cupboard, continue to fold it as small as you can. Once folded, cut various shapes and lines out of the coffee filter. This is very similar to how you would create snowflake crafts in the Winter.

For more spider webby tips on how to make the ultimate spider web, check out this post by The Artful Parent

Witchy Paper Plates

Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West flying in on her broomstick. This craft involves using your very own handprints! You'll need purple, black and orange construction paper, a paper plate and green paint.

To get that disturbing green tone of a classic Witch, start by painting the backside of your paper plate a bright green. While you wait for that to dry, it's time to make her crazy orange hair. Using the orange construction paper, trace and cut out 4 little hands. With the black construction paper, cut out a Witch's hat complete with a purple ribbon! Once glued all together complete the Witch's face with a black marker. It's up to you how creepy she looks!

For the full tutorial check out this blog post at Crafty Morning!

We've got your Halloween décor covered. Now it's up to you to get suited up in your spookiest costume and trick-or-treat the night away!