• PC MagazineOur Favorite Tech Toys From Toy Fair 2018Connect the Smart Sketcher projector ($59.95) with your smart device, and its app beams images to paper with step-by-step instructions on drawing, including curriculum-based content. You can also project your own pictures and sketch away.
  • Gear DiaryGear Diary's Best of 2018 Toy FairUnlock the artist within! With the smART sketcher Projector, you project images on paper and then you can trace any of the numerous preloaded images. When you are done, you can animate the image with backgrounds and color those in too. The projector will never get old since you can also upload your own pictures to trace.
  • Blasting NewsSketching and Coloring: Interview with Shay Chen, the CEO Flycatcher Inc.Flycatcher Inc. is an innovative technology company that focuses on creating tech-savvy toys that help children (and even adults) get in touch with their inner artist.
  • Pix11Holograms, poop among big trends at Toy Fair 2018smART sketcher(™) Projector is the next great product for promoting artistic ability, fine motor development, and STEAM education skills using 21st century technology.